What Does Asbestos Look Like? (Pictures!)

What does asbestos look like?

We have compiled a large gallery of asbestos photos. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the range of products that contain asbestos as well as a reference point so that you can see what asbestos does look like.

Photos of asbestos

We’ve split the photos into sections so that you can go right to what you’re looking for rather than look through all of our photos of asbestos. So, if you know what you’re looking for just click on one of the links below otherwise, just page down and take a look at each section.

Asbestos insulation board (AIB)
Asbestos cement products
Asbestos Floor Tiles
Asbestos Insulation
Asbestos Rope
Asbestos Sprayed Coating
Asbestos Toilet Cistern
Asbestos paper
Asbestos Roof Tiles
Asbestos bitumen sink pad

Asbestos insulation board (AIB)

Photo 1. AIB ceiling damaged by pipe.aib ceiling damaged by pipe







Photo 2. AIB ceiling tiles.

AIB ceiling tiles






Photo 3. AIB cladding.

aib cladding






Photo 4. AIB door lining.

aib door lining






Photo 5. AIB firebreak.

aib firebreak







Photo 6. AIB infill panel.

aib infill panel






Photo 7. AIB soffit.

aib soffit





Asbestos cement products


Photo 8. Asbestos cement cladding.

asbestos cement cladding






Photo 9. Asbestos cement flue.

asbestos cement flue pipe








Photo 10. Asbestos cement water tank and cover

asbestos cement water tank and cover



Asbestos Floor Tiles


Photo 11. Asbestos Floor Tiles.

asbestos floor tile






Photo 12. Asbestos Floor Tiles

asbestos floor tiles











Photo 13. Asbestos floor tiles

asbestos floor tiles 2





Asbestos Insulation


Photo 14. Asbestos Pipe Insulation

asbestos pipe insulation






Photo 15. Asbestos pipe lagging

asbestos pipe lagging



Asbestos Rope


Photo 16. Asbestos Rope Gasket.

asbestos rope gasket



Asbestos Sprayed Coating


Photo 17. Asbestos sprayed coating to steelwork.

asbestos sprayed coating to steelwork





Asbestos Toilet Cistern


Photo 18. Asbestos Toilet Cistern.

asbestos toilet cistern



Asbestos paper


Photo 19. Asbestos corrugated paper.

asbestos corrugated paper




Photo 20. Asbestos paper insulation.

asbestos paper insulation



Asbestos Roof Tiles


Photo 21. Asbestos roof tiles

asbestos roof tiles 6








Photo 22. Asbestos roof tiles

asbestos roof tiles 3





Photo 23. Asbestos roof tiles






Photo 24. Asbestos roof tiles

moss covered asbestos roof tiles



Asbestos Millboard


Photo 25. Asbestos Millboard.



Asbestos bitumen sink pad


Photo 26. Asbestos Sink Pad.






Photo 27. Bitumen Sinkpad.








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